With his extensive training, knowledge of the craft and heightened emotional intelligence, Conrad makes a formidable acting coach for any actor striving for further discovery and truth in their work. After training and working as a life coach in Australia, he soon branched out into coaching actors, and has worked with both established and upcoming actors in Australia and the US on auditions, films, theatre and television productions. He’s also worked with younger actors who’ve successfully been accepted into leading drama schools after working with Conrad.

As a coach, Conrad aims solely to empower the actor to produce their best work.

With an array of techniques and tools to draw from, he uses a non exclusive technical approach to find the truth in the moment. He will use the techniques that work best for the actor, whilst guiding them to connect what is missing in the work.


“This was one of the best things I have done to prep for an audition. I was so ready and inspired. Conrad works to empower you and give you igniting choices. I love working with him and would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to find the next layer of confidence in the audition process.”

Katherine Hicks (The Leftovers – HBO, Jack Irish, Winners & Losers, Rescue Special Ops)


“I also had the incredible opportunity to work with Conrad Le Bron as an acting coach & facilitator. Within the safe, sacred space he creates, and in his focused hands, he gives actors the freedom to explore & discover, and empowers them to do their best work. Having trained with many of the world’s best acting coach’s, it is no wonder that he too has been bestowed with these gifts. I would recommend him to any actor, and would regard him as a true asset to any production that took him on as their acting coach.”

Daniel Monks (Heath Ledger Scholarship Finalist 2017, “The Real & Imagined History of the Elephant Man” – Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne, WA Young Filmmaker of the Year Award Winner 2014)


“The unique dichotomy of how Conrad approaches acting coaching is that he can push you outside your comfort zone while at the same time providing a safe and comfortable environment in which to explore. I never feel more confident in my choices and in trying new things than when I’m working with Conrad. And that’s just it: I’m allowed to come to my own conclusions while at the same time being pushed toward where the truth lies.”

Christian Schulte – Actor/Producer (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Beyond the Mask, Scream 4, Salvation Boulevard)


“(Conrad) has been an amazing acting coach for me. He knows just the right questions to ask you as a performer and exercises to reveal the truths in your character development. I think the best part about Conrad as an acting coach is that he is adaptable to your needs as a performer. Whether you need to just run lines or get performance ready, Conrad will provide you with heartfelt guidance sure to take you to another level. I am extremely happy to be working with him.”

Molly Fahey (Founder of MFMTransmedia and best known as “Bikini Girl” in Grand Theft Auto V)


“I have constantly been blown away by Conrad Le Bron’s wisdom and instinct when it comes to understanding human beings and translating that into acting. Conrad has directed me multiple times on monologues and scenes that I’ve been working on and he is fabulous at getting to the core of what is missing in my work, of asking me the questions that I might have forgotten to ask myself, and creating a safe environment for me to take risks. I feel confident in my understanding of what works in an Acting Coach… and what Conrad does, works!”

Mischa Ipp (“Sleep No More” – Punch Drunk NYC, Little y Theatre Company, Stella Adler Studio of Acting NYC)


“Conrad creates a warm, safe atmosphere with room for play and an emphasis on freedom of expression. His passion is infectious as he shares his knowledge of the craft, acquired from years of training and performing. I left (his) class feeling invigorated, challenged and inspired.”

Thomas James Vowles (Playwright and Actor)






Work with Perth-born, USA based Actor and Acting Coach, 

Conrad Le Bron.

Conrad will be in Perth, direct from LA for a one off Intro Workshop & One Day Intensive this October!


Conrad Le Bron

Conrad Le Bron